14 products to add to your beauty routine when you work out

Aside from all the pimples, I noticed a less than dead look on my complexion. Surely fitness has something to do with it, right? “All of our skin health, cellular vitality, and tissue function are largely dependent on our skin circulation and a steady supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients,” explains Ava Shamban, a board-certified dermatologist based in Beverly Hills. “This promotes pore function and conditioning our natural moisture network.” She goes on to say that when we exercise, our heart pumps more blood and improves oxygenation and circulation to all of our skin cells for vitality and repair. She calls our blood circulation an “accelerated highway system” for our cells’ essential nutrients and their waste disposal. Basically, when we exercise, we eliminate more efficiently and remove impurities. Other benefits? It supports our immune system and of course gives that post-workout glow, as well as our anti-aging processes. “A workout is a big part of our overall rejuvenation,” she says.

As for the downsides, Shamban says sweat creates bacteria, which can contribute to acne or folliculitis, chafing, rashes, or seborrheic/atopic dermatitis. That’s why, she says, it’s very important to wear clothes with sweat-wicking fabrics, as well as to shower immediately afterwards (something, I crudely admit, that I don’t always do when I think I didn’t “sweat that much”. No wonder I’m getting away! NASTY). “The irritation and increased sweating caused by bacteria trapped by tight-fitting workout clothes can lead to a form of acne aptly called acne mecanica,” adds Dr. Shamban. She says it’s best not to use a lot of skincare before a workout. “A gentle cleanser [if you have makeup on] and sunscreen is best, even just warm water and sunscreen for the early morning.

Keep scrolling to see what products I use for my workout beauty routine, from anti-chafing products to leave-in shower gel.

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