Asha and Usha workers to hold protest in Bhopal on Diwali day

BHOPAL: Asha (Certified Social Health Activist) and Usha (Urban Social Health Activist) workers from across the state to meet in state capital to demonstrate against Diwali to lobby for their demands .

“Health Minister Prabhuram Chowdhary assured us four months ago that our fees would be increased but no development has taken place,” said Laxmi Kaurav, state president of MP Asha Usha Shramik Sangh.

“Our Diwali will be without light because the government has not kept the assurances it has given us,” Kaurav said.

Explaining the demands and grievances, Kaurav said they are paid 2,000 rupees per month. An incentive for routine immunization for children is also given, which amounts to Rs 200-Rs 500. But workers in Asha and Usha have been given responsibilities that fall to any staff or employee. of the health department, she added.

“Our main demands include the payment of honoraria at the same level as government employees carrying out the same responsibilities as us. We should receive at least the minimum wage according to government instructions, ”Kaurav said.

Another Asha worker said the chief minister recently announced sanctions for all government and semi-government employees, including Anganwadi workers, but did not say a word about the workers in Asha. “We have been called Covid warriors but no one thinks of us,” she added.

Kaurav said Asha workers from across the state will gather in Neelam Park on November 4 and hold a sit-in to assert their demands.

Posted on: Sunday October 31st, 2021 10:51 PM IST

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