Assam plans ‘people’s army’ to limit births in Muslim areas

Chief Minister said while population growth among Hindus in Assam was 10 percent from 2001 to 2011, it was 29 percent among Muslims

Guwahati: Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said his government plans to set up a “people’s army” to distribute contraceptives and raise awareness of population control in predominantly Muslim areas of the country. State.

Stressing that a force of 1,000 men will be sent to remote riverine areas of Western Assam, he told the Assam Assembly: “About 1,000 young people from the char chapori (river island) will be hired to raise awareness of the population control measures and providing contraceptives. We also plan to create a separate work force made up of ASHA staff (accredited social health activists) who will be responsible for raising public awareness about birth control and also providing contraceptives.

He claimed that while the population growth among Hindus in Assam was 10 percent from 2001 to 2011, it was 29 percent among Muslims. “Due to a smaller population, the lifestyle of Hindus in Assam has improved, with spacious houses and vehicles, and children becoming doctors and engineers,” said the CM, who lobbied for an effective measure of population control to verify “population explosion” which he says is caused by the minority population of the state.

The proposed measures include voluntary sterilization and the application of a two-child limit for couples seeking access to state-run social assistance schemes.

Also stressing the need to educate the inhabitants of these densely populated areas, the CM said: “The inhabitants of Upper Assam will not relate to the struggles that the inhabitants of western and central Assam are facing. face due to the higher population burden. “

Mr. Sarma said that by force Muslims began to encroach on forest land. He said a ground assessment of minority areas is more necessary than surveys to assess impending dangers.

Mr. Sarma also reiterated that Congress, BJP and AIUDF do not differ on the need for population control measures. “We need a realistic solution for population control,” he added.

Mr Sarma told the Assembly when responding to Congressman Sherman Ali Ahmed who earlier proposed that contraceptives be sent to every woman, especially in areas inhabited by minorities in Lower Assam, to control the population. of State.

Ahmed also urged the House to consider raising the age of marriage for girls to 20, with passing class 12 exams being the minimum qualification for marriage. The delayed marriage, he said, can help control the population in the districts of western Assam.

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