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JUNE 08, 2022 (NewsRx) — By a News Reporter – Staff News Editor at Health policy and daily law — New research on managed care is reported. According to reports from Canberra, Australia, by the editors of NewsRx, the research said, “We quantitatively explore the economic effects of expanding the public and private components of the US health insurance system. Our analysis uses an overlapping generations model that includes health risk, labor market risk, and key features of the U.S. health insurance system such as private individual health insurance (IHI), health insurance employer-sponsored group (GHI), means-tested public health insurance. for low-income people (Medicaid) and public health insurance for retirees (Medicare).

Funders of this research include School of Emerging Technologies (Fixed at Towson University, Australian Research Council.

Our reporters got a quote from the research of Australian National University“Our simulations show that extending Medicare to all workers—i.e., Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI)—improves overall welfare if the UPHI coinsurance rate is set. at a level above the current Medicare coinsurance rate.There is an optimal coinsurance rate that balances the incentive and insurance trade-off of the UPHI system and maximizes welfare outcomes. coexisting with UPHI schemes reduces the overall fiscal cost of UPHI and results in larger welfare gains Fiscal financing instruments are important for welfare outcomes The use of A consumption tax to finance the expansion of public health insurance leads to fewer distortions and better welfare outcomes than taxes on income or wages.

According to the editors, the research concluded: “If, under the current US system, the government mandates that GHI offerings be available to all workers, welfare gains can also be achieved.

This research has been peer reviewed.

For more information on this research, see: Social health insurance: a Quantitative Exploration. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control2022;139. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control can be contacted at: ElsevierRadarweg 29, 1043 Nx Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Elsevier –; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control –

Our journalists inform that additional information can be obtained by contacting Chung Tran, Australian National University, Economics Research School, CanberraLaw, Australia.

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