Covid still remains deadly: who warns the chef amid new variants in circulation

The Covid remains a major danger to public health, the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency committee on Covid-19 unanimously affirmed on Wednesday. The global health agency further insisted that countries must stop letting their guard down. Furthermore, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pointed out that the world is “still in the midst of the pandemic” and the fact that “Covid still remains deadly”. The committee meets every three months to discuss the pandemic and reports to the head of the WHO.

Noting that many countries are easing public health and social measures and drastically reducing testing for the virus, the WHO said: “Now is not the time to let our guard down – on the contrary, and it is a extremely strong recommendation”.

“The situation is far from over with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, the circulation of the virus is still very active, mortality remains high and the virus is evolving in an unpredictable way”, warned the president of the commission Didier Houssin at a press conference.

“Now is not the time for slacking off on this virus, nor for weakness in surveillance, testing and reporting, nor for laxity in public and social health measures and no resignation when it comes to vaccination.”

“Intermediate” phase of the COVID pandemic

Globally, from one week to Sunday, the number of new cases and deaths from Covid-19 continued to fall for a third week in a row, with more than seven million cases and more than 22,000 deaths reported. This is the lowest number of Covid deaths since the early days of the pandemic. But some countries continue to report severe spikes in cases, putting pressure on hospitals, Tedros said, adding that the world is “still in the midst of the pandemic.”

“This virus has become more transmissible over time and it remains deadly, especially for unprotected and unvaccinated people who don’t have access to health care and antivirals,” he said.

The WHO chief urged everyone to get vaccinated and continue to follow COVID protocols.

“The committee unanimously agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be an extraordinary event that continues to adversely affect the health of people around the world, poses an ongoing risk of international spread,” it said Wednesday. in a press release.

The WHO said the Omicron variant accounts for 99.2% of samples collected over the past 30 days that have been sequenced and uploaded into the global science initiative GISAID, with the previously dominant Delta variant now accounting for less than 0.1%.

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