Dunning Checks Update Four: Here’s Where More Payments Are Sent to Americans

While a fourth round of federal stimulus checks have been ongoing for months after the push from progressive lawmakers and troubled Americans, some can expect another round of payouts depending on where. they are in the United States.

Below are the states where Americans could receive another round of stimulus checks. Payments arrive for the individualized budgets of each state. As Yahoo! Finance reports, many of these state governors have pushed for state-level stimulus checks for residents. Therefore, the value of dunning checks differs for each state.


Let’s start here because the state of Texas does not have a true COVID-19 economic relief program. Instead, local school districts give employees stimulus checks known as retention bonuses. In the Dallas suburb of Irving, stimulus checks are worth up to $ 2,000, while in Denton educators will get up to $ 500 with a 2% pay rise. Other school districts are also planning salary increases.


The state of Tennessee will provide its full-time teachers with stimulus checks of $ 1,000 and part-time teachers with payments of $ 500 for going through what is described as “the worst of the pandemic.” These payments will arrive by the end of the year.

New Mexico

New Mexico provided 4,000 low-income households that were not eligible for federal payments with state-level stimulus checks worth up to $ 750 in August. The program sent a total of $ 5 million in payments.


In Florida, educators are receiving $ 1,000 stimulus checks for their dedication to teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Florida is also handing out $ 1,000 stimulus checks to police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics.


California sent out a second wave of state stimulus checks in August. Now a third round has been sent out on Tuesday October 5th. Payments vary between $ 500 and $ 1,100. Californians who have dependents or who were not eligible for the state’s first round of stimulus checks are getting more payments this time around. However, California uses its own funding from the state and not from the federal level.

And Pennslyvanie?

Pennslyvania is not on the list of states offering non-federal stimulus checks. Although, like other Americans, Pennsylvanians may receive other specialized economic assistance payments from the government, such as payments to distressed homeowners or distressed tenants, or to parents with co-dependents receiving benefits. monthly child tax credit. Some Pennsylvania employees may be on the list of selected workers who will receive payments of up to $ 600 this fall.


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