Fear gnaws at the soul | Letters to the Editor

So they say the virus makes us sick. If you blame the poor virus then you need to rethink or redefine the concepts at the top of this letter.

Once upon a time, we were considered healthy if we had no illnesses or ailments. It is time to let go of this definition because we have both good and bad bacteria in us; the air is polluted, the water we drink is contaminated and the food we eat is toxic.

We love, we hate; we obey, we disobey; we experience pain and indulge in pleasure; and sometimes we mingle and then we become reclusive.

Events in our life challenge our beliefs. We play musical chairs, appealing to the supernatural, then we think of the suicidal.

We preserve the environment, and then sometimes we destroy it.

There are so many facets of a man in whom we court ill health or disease that to define health only from a physical point of view is to shirk our responsibility and not understand our existence.

As soon as we are out of meditation or prayer, we go down to the workplace to have to cooperate with other human beings. The act of communicating with the supernatural tells us that one area where we can falter in health is our spirituality. It has nothing to do with religion. It’s living our goal, whatever you define.

In the workplace, we socialize, we agree and disagree. Our inability to get along with beings like us can leave us in a state of disharmony or imbalance.

This interaction can also affect our emotional health. How to deal with the stress that we encounter? We know that there are all kinds of troubles ahead for the individual who cannot put the pieces back together.

All reactions take place in a neutral physical environment. It is there to revitalize us when our being lacks energy. However, we can reap a negative impact depending on how we treat Mother Earth.

Are we polluting, contaminating or obstructing nature? Or are we doing all we can to instill security and feel comfortable and secure? The two-way flow will determine if we are consumed by the dangers or if we create a paradise on earth.

There is also our intellectual health, nourished by education; elevate our thinking; solve problems and make the world a better place where we leave a positive legacy for our successors.

These are just the five faculties of one man.

So how is your health? If you are in the positive ranges for the level of these activities, you experience well-being.

If, however, a virus can knock you over or you are afraid of catching it, you are not in good health. Fear gnaws at the soul.

Contemporary man has hypnotized himself into believing that viruses harm his health and that the use of pharmaceuticals, vaccines included, restores the damage.

The pathogens that invade us can only do so if we are already sick, and healing can only occur if there is a balance in the previously mentioned faculties.

So wake up T&T. We all invite the virus. No one is spreading it. No amount of vaccination will secure us.

Or does vaccination restore the balance in the faculties? Will your cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease go away after you stop the virus?

It is easy to deceive and control the masses when they are not thinking for themselves.

Lennox Francois


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