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Dehradun: To strengthen the health infrastructure in the remote hills of Uttarakhand, the health department has put forward a proposal to train Asha workers in distributing basic medicines to the sick. This was done to ensure that people receive immediate medical attention and do not become critical before they can be transferred to a primary or community health center.
The proposal is inspired by Kerala where Asha workers were trained to store and distribute medicines in remote areas.
Uttarakhand has nearly 13,000 Certified Social Health Activist (Asha) workers and their work includes conducting surveys, organizing health campaigns, raising awareness of disease and distributing rations, etc.
Asha’s agents will be trained under the aegis of the chief medical officer of their respective area in the distribution of certain drugs.
Confirming the proposal, Director General of Health, Dr Tripti Bahuguna, said: “The proposal is at a very nascent stage right now and a dedicated technical team decides what drugs ASHAs can dispense before requesting the fire. definitive green for the lasso. them from the system.
This move will bring medical facilities to the most remote villages of Uttarakhand but, in the process, will also increase the responsibility of Asha workers who will have to provide basic treatment to the sick before they can be referred to a center. primary or community health.
Ahead of a possible third wave of Covid-19, such preparations would help the state control the impact of the pandemic. The new Minister of Health, Dhan Singh Rawat, also announced that a total of 600 health camps will be held statewide over the next four months. As the state prepares for the legislative elections in February 2022, healthcare facilities are being put in place by the state government.
The suggestions of experts from the health department and private doctors are taken into consideration to create a strong health infrastructure in the state.
The proposal, however, left the pharmaceutical association furious. “According to the Pharmacy Law of 1948, the Medicines and Cosmetics Act of 1940 and the Pharmacy Practice Regulations of 2015, the Indian Council of Pharmacy, no person other than a qualified and registered pharmacist shall can store, distribute and manage drugs. The envisaged decision is condemned by the union of pharmacists of Uttarakhand ”, declared Sudha Kukreti, Dehradun District President, Association of Graduate Pharmacists, Uttarakhand.

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