Former Ole Miss Revels star AJ Brown on battling depression: “Thought about killing myself”

Since being a rookie at Starkville High School, former Ole catcher Miss AJ Brown has always been known for her outgoing and contagious character.

In many ways, he was the voice and personality of the program.

And after being drafted in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, the world seemed to be within Brown’s reach.

However, in the midst of a booming rookie season with Tennessee, Brown was lost, finding himself in a mental health battle with depression.

And as he revealed on Saturday via his social media accounts, this battle almost cost him his life.

“I’m even nervous to say that,” Brown said. “A year ago from today, I thought about killing myself. I had no hope for better days and everything was going badly for me.”

The purpose of Brown’s message was not sympathy or caring, but awareness, urging those struggling with mental issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts to seek help and find help. what makes them happy in life.

“The reason I’m sharing this post with you today is because I’m still here. I’m still going. I’m still smiling. I have a lot of things to be thankful for,” said Brown. I just want to encourage everyone to protect your mind [health]. Talk to someone. Get things out of your chest. Do things that make you happy.

Brown got the help he needed, and now he’s in the middle of another great season with the Titans. But more important than football, and thanks to the help he has received, Brown has a new outlook on life.

Mental health issues, unlike physical health issues, are not always taken seriously by the general public. They are also rarely visible in plain sight until it is too late or until those in pain choose to speak out.

Brown, however, now understands this struggle and urges anyone else who will listen to him to do their best to understand it as well.

“It’s so important. I didn’t think depression was real until this happened to me, “Brown said.” But now I know it’s really real. Guys, talk to someone, get things off your chest, and take depression seriously.

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