Going Green: Celebrate National Trails Day on June 4

The Monon Trail was established over 35 years ago, and there are now many trails for Hoosiers throughout Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — Saturday, June 4 is National Trails Day, and there are so many trails to walk, run, or bike, enjoy the weather, and take advantage of all the other benefits the trails have to offer.

Walking and biking trails have been popping up all over Indiana. One of the founders of the Monon Trail has been working local trails for over 35 years.

“A group of us came together in ’87 as the tracks were pulled from the Broad Ripple on the old Monon Line,” said Richard Vonnegut, president of Indiana Trails. “The city had a vague idea to build a bus line. And we thought, ‘There has to be something better.'”

Vonnegut said he and others got 5,000 people to sign a petition, which caused the city to think in terms of what turned out to be the Monon Trail story.

Vonnegut enjoys spending time outdoors.

“The benefits of trails for an individual may be physical exercise, which becomes pretty obvious, but there are many other health aspects,” Vonnegut said. “There’s mental health. There’s social health. It can be economic health if you cycle or walk to work. There’s ecological health, there’s environmental health. There’s has spiritual health, in the sense that one walks in the cathedral, so to speak.”

Trails not only provide great health benefits, but also allow you to connect with your community.

“Whether the trail is 3 miles or 30 miles long, trails are an asset to the community and people have come to thrive,” Vonnegut said. “And whether it’s short or long, it brings people out – not just kids, but people of all ages.”

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