Halcyon member Euphoria.LGBT brings fintech to gender transition process

As technology becomes more socially conscious, many companies can say that they are working on something for the greater good. But few can say that they support the soul of the users.

Euphoria.LGBT, member of the DC Social Impact Incubator Alcyon, is a startup with a plethora of apps dedicated to “helping the trans soul” in the words of the founder and CEO Catherine Antoine. Last week, the company launched happiness, a banking app for the trans community. This is one of many intended to help users with the transition – the process of undergoing changes in presentation or gender characteristics to match internal gender identity.

“We’re creating all of these different technologies that address a specific pain point of gender transition and try to do it in a way that really asserts the user and restores dignity and agency,” Anthony told Technical. ly.

After raising $ 500,000 in a pre-seed round, Euphoria.LGBT, founded in April 2019, launched three apps this year alongside Comfort, its inaugural app that offers a resource guide for gender transition.

Before Bliss, it had already launched in 2021 Windfall, a marketplace for the work of trans artists; Clarity, where users can compare gender expression and gender identity; and Devotion, which offers daily affirmations. Catharsis, a mental and emotional health platform, is also set to launch in the New Year. The company is also expected to launch a startup cycle in the coming weeks to help expand its team and update existing applications.

Catherine Antoine. (Courtesy photo)

Bliss, which launched last week, is the fifth app under the Euphoria umbrella. Available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, it’s a fintech tool that helps transgender users manage their money. Users do not need to go through strict identity verification steps which can make logins difficult. Such a scenario could occur when users have ID cards and papers that do not match their preferred pronouns.

Anthony said that from the intro screen, the app is specially designed for those going through the transition process.

Users can add specific financial goals related to the transition, such as when they can afford hormone therapy or a driver’s license update, etc. (Euphoria estimates the average cost of the transition to be $ 150,000 per person). Bliss, which is built in conjunction with the banking platform Jiko, also automatically invests user funds in government guaranteed treasury bills for additional financial security and potential gain.

This is in addition to measuring savings and noting progress, which can help reduce stress. Anthony also noted that Bliss offers a predictive edge: it can determine a specific end date for the transition based on funding, instead of leaving it hanging.

“It seems like our best possible tool to help people realize themselves faster,” said Anthony. “We know that the sooner we can help people do this, there will be more trans people to walk on this Earth because they are going to survive.”

But Euphoria’s real goal, said Anthony, is that one day its technology will become obsolete and unnecessary.

“We want a day when our technology doesn’t have to exist,” said Anthony. “Whether it’s because the world has become tolerant enough that we don’t need these specialized technologies, whether it’s because information is becoming so ubiquitous that it doesn’t make sense that there is an application. , or even with banking services that there’s just been a day when people can just open an account for exactly who they are for and something like Bliss isn’t needed.


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