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BENGALURU: A day after the state government issued a series of Covid-related guidelines to be followed, in particular allowing entry only for double-vaccinated people into shopping malls, theaters and other public places, the commissioner in BBMP chief, Gaurav Gupta, said responsibility now rests with the property owners and managers of these sites to ensure that safety standards are met.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, he said instructions have been issued, clarification has been given and advice will be given, but it is their responsibility to verify that those entering are doubly vaccinated. “They should ensure that it is strictly followed for health and social security. They will have to be honest and severe in their actions, ”he added.

He said that although it is not possible to carry out regular checks, random checks will be carried out and severe measures will be taken if orders are not followed. Meanwhile, the vaccination has intensified and people are voluntarily lining up to take their second dose. To ensure that more people benefit, mobile vaccination camps are also organized.

Gupta added that if people have a problem taking the vaccine from public hospitals or PHCs, they can go to private hospitals. Another BBMP official said the goal of imposing such standards already seems to be showing the required results. So far, 90 percent of people in Bengaluru have received their first dose of the vaccine, while 66 percent have taken their second dose. In addition, in the last few days, the BBMP has collected 1 crore rupees as a penalty for people not wearing masks.

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