How letting go of a grudge is good for your health

It cannot be said enough how many illnesses and health problems are directly related to stress. There’s obesity, diabetes, depression, asthma, and heart disease (via WebMD) to name a few. There’s also memory loss, insomnia, autoimmune diseases, and skin issues like eczema (via Healthline), all of which are stress-related.

Part of the reason stress is so literally stressful to your system is because, on the one hand, it raises your glucose levels higher than it should be, which can make it difficult for tissue to repair. damaged by your body. Additionally, stress has the ability to slow down your bodily functions, making you more vulnerable to harm.

Something that can help reduce stress levels is forgiving people. One study even found that over the course of five weeks, people who forgave others noticed a significant improvement in how stress affected them both physically and mentally.

Although you may believe that holding a grudge against someone is enjoyable and uplifting, your internalized stress doesn’t agree with you. No situation is worth putting your health at risk. Just one more reason to seriously consider forgiveness.

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