How to Improve Your Mind-Body Connection, According to a Wellness Expert

The mind-body connection may seem invented, but it is actually a scientifically proven connection. Studies have shown that when you’re stressed, your white blood cell production slows, which means your body has a harder time fighting everything from infections to cancer, according to PubMed. Wounds take longer to heal in people with chronic stress, these studies show, and vaccines may be less effective.

Mari Sierra, wellness manager for J Balvin’s new interactive wellness app, OYE, told The List exclusively that over the past decade there has been “a paradigm shift in our understanding of our brain-gut axis, which integrates the nervous system with the gastrointestinal and immune system.” She added: “Both disorders and psychological disorders like depression, anxiety or chronic stress, among so many ‘others, are better understood, treated and prevented if we consider our well-being as a link between our mind and our body.

This change has led experts to adopt more holistic and homeopathic approaches to health care. Sierra mentioned that “functional nutrition, meditation, breathwork, martial arts, yoga, dance, and massage” all benefit your body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, among other issues. psychological and physical. “That’s the approach we’ve taken with OYE,” she explains of the bilingual app, “incorporating some of those same culturally aware practices that anyone can try.” Downloading the OYE app, subscribing to Headspace or taking advantage of the meditations available on Spotify are steps you can take on World Wellness Day to improve your mind-body connection.

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