ICG in preparation for IDY through yoga and spirituality

The first event in the run up to the 8th International Yoga Day (IDY) saw an assembly of around 300 Tatrakshak families at the RD Parade Ground. The yoga session was dutifully done in the early hours and led by Brahmakumari representative Bhai Dinesh. A motivational talk with spiritual influence on work-life balance was then summarized by Sister BK Shivani. COVID safety protocol was strictly followed throughout the event. The event blended yoga and spirituality, as the Sanskrit verse “Yogakshemam-Vahamyaham” from the Bhagwat Gita assures. The event was coordinated by the Indian Coast Guard Headquarters, where the theme YOGA in Daily Life was introduced for PAN India Coast Guard families. Sister BK Shivani graced the congregation with her pleasing spiritual focus and sought positive affirmations from the disciplined congregation. Yoga has also become an essential movement during the pandemic, to promote mental strength and immunity.

These combined sessions were conducted in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to spread the importance of yoga to the world. Indian Coast Guard officers, other associated service officials, staff and ladies have enjoyed both mental and spiritual benefits. The Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association has also encouraged housewives from ICG families to educate themselves on this initiative.

​Yoga is an integral part of the daily routine for CG personnel, both at sea and ashore, to achieve good mental, physical and intellectual health. Sister Shivani pointed out that yoga and spiritual inclination have immense healing power for anxiety, lifestyle and stress-related illnesses and are able to turn negativity into creativity. Apart from the daily yoga events on this day, the next large-scale gathering will now take place on May 30, following the IDY celebrations, said ADG Rakesh Pal, PTM, TM Addnl Managing Director (Guard coastal). The other Coast Guard regions are also celebrating the YOGA campaign with national fervor, all along the coastal belt of India.

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Posted: Sunday, May 22, 2022, 4:00 PM IST

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