ima: Ima will launch a public health brigade to train people | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has taken a step forward in putting public health in the state at the forefront of the world by setting up a public health brigade. The first such public health brigade was launched in Thiruvananthapuram by Health Minister Veena George.
The project will provide specialized training to supporters, including car taxi drivers and freight workers, who interact closely with the population.
The brigades will educate people about the possible serious consequences of their current lifestyle and also about maintaining good health. The comprehensive health awareness program, which kicked off here on April 7 on World Health Day, will run for 131 days until Independence Day.
The hands-on training sessions have been divided into two groups – Comprehensive Health Promotion and Emergency Life Support Training – which focus on spreading helping hands throughout the city.
At the end of the 131 working days, Thiruvananthapuram city will have about 5 lakhs of social health captains.
Those who successfully complete the training will receive a badge and certificate of Social Health Captaincy and Rescue Mission Accreditation by the Indian Resuscitation Council.
Social Health Captains will pass on the knowledge they have gained through training to the general public and provide expert training to those interested in promoting the health-focused movement as Social Health Volunteers.
Social health captains should apply the knowledge gained through training to their own lives and pass it on to others.

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