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Dehradun: The momentous occasion of the 5th IMS Unison University (IUU) Convocation held on November 20, 2021, witnessed a historic celebration in which a total of 638 diplomas and nine medals of gold were awarded. The Honorable Chancellor INN, Prof. Gurdip Singh was the guest of honor at the ceremony while the Director of IIM Sirmaur, Prof. Neelu Rohmetra, was the guest of honor.

The academic laureates of the LLM batch of 2020-21, of the MBA & MA (J&MC) of 2019-21, BALLB (H) & BBALLB (H) batch of 2016-21 and BBA, B.Com. (H), BA (J&MC) & BA (H) English, batch of 2018-21 were congratulated. Gold medals were awarded to 9 toppers from the different prizes. Interestingly, 7 of the total 9 gold medalists were girls. The gold medalists were:

PhurbuLhamo: LLM

Roohi: MBA

ShaliniBisht: MA (J&MC)

AkankshaPathak: BALLB (H)

Rajyevardhan Singh: BBALLB (H)

Sachin Sharma: BAA

Nandani Seth: B.Com. (H)

Shania Mary O’Connor: BA (J&MC)

DevyaniBhatt: BA (H) English

The Annual Convocation began with the academic procession where Chancellor Professor Gurdip Singh, Chairman of the Board of Governors Shri Amit Agarwal, Vice Chancellor Professor Gautam Sinha, Members of the Board of Governors (BOG), Deans and Members of the Academic Council passed through the alley to the place of the Convocation.

The tone of the 5th Convocation was set by the interpretation of the national anthem by the army band. Professor Gurdip Singh, Chancellor, INN and main guest, declared the Convocation open. This was followed by the welcoming speech by Professor Gautam Sinha, Vice-Chancellor of IMS Unison University.

Professor Gautam Sinha welcomed the guest of honor, all other dignitaries, graduate students, their families and media representatives and expressed his gratitude for their kind presence at the fifth convocation. . He congratulated all 638 graduate students and wished them a bright future. He said the purpose of education is not simply to impart knowledge; it’s to build

Character, to strengthen the spirit and appreciate the myriad of life’s gifts. Sinha urged graduate students to be conscientious and dedicated in all their endeavors so that the fruits of their efforts may benefit society as a whole. He expressed his confidence in the ability of students to achieve excellence in life. He said students must instill character qualities such as curiosity to learn and must remain lifelong learners.

In his convocation speech, the Honorable Chief Guest Professor INN Gurdip Singh congratulated the students on their academic achievements. He urged them to seriously strive to find the path that will lead them to the life of their choice. He listed some prerequisites for success. He said that to be successful, good physical and mental health, which are intrinsically linked, were necessary. He added that hard work and humility were essential to achieve the pinnacle of success. A humble approach, said Professor Singh, was a real asset and had the capacity to win hearts. Humility acts as a catalyst for success while arrogance blocks success, he said. In addition, Professor Singh emphasized the positivity of thoughts and behavior. He also insisted on the need to stay stress free. He said that stress blocks the three I’s – Innovation, Inspiration and Intuition. He advised students to remember the golden rule of life: “Honesty breeds trust; Humility breeds greatness; Hard work breeds success. Everything you plant now decides what you harvest later.

The guest of honor also published the Souvenir on this auspicious occasion.

In his speech, the guest of honor Prof. Neelu Rohmetra, Director of IIM Sirmaur, congratulated the students and wished them success in building their careers. She said that IMS Unison University has distinguished itself as a prominent institution for teaching and researching business management, mass communication, law, hotel management and liberal arts over a short period. Prof Rohmetra expressed confidence that the students will make a significant contribution to accelerating the pace of development of society and nation through their knowledge, creative skills, entrepreneurship and hard work. .

The vote of thanks was moved by Col. Pranav Kumar, Registrar of the University and the ceremony ended with the national anthem.

The convocation ceremony was marked by the presence of distinguished guests, media representatives, students and parents of graduating students. Throughout the program, a sense of pride and accomplishment was palpable among all graduate students, families and faculty members of the University.

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