Justice League: Ben Affleck shared some of the Batman in action footage from Zack Snyder Cut

To celebrate the release of Justice League’s third anniversary and the release of a recently revised trailer. For Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a hashtag called #UsUnited. Which also promoted the Snyder Fall Tribute Fund. Cinematographer Fabian Wagner began posting behind-the-scenes footage of Justice League’s preliminary production in 2016.

The actors even started sharing snapshots of Snyder’s cut from Justice League followed through the hashtag. Ben Affleck hung up years ago after suffering a divorce and alcoholism. However, Affleck appears to have bounced off his lower back in a spectacular fashion. Affleck is even returning to play his Batman in The Flash with Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton.

What did Ben Affleck share?

Affleck recently showed that he filmed new scenes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The actor is now collaborating on the #UsUnited promotion. Ben Affleck has joined his various co-stars. By posting a photo of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on his Instagram. Affleck no longer consisted of any comments, just “#UsUnited”.

The photo shows Batman wearing his tactical suit and using one of the Parademons’ pistols against them.

Ben Affleck also posted on his Twitter account using the hashtag #UsUnited selling the new trailer and the Autumn Snyder Tribute Fund. It’s a quality to watch Ben Affleck persevere in caring about the DCEU. In addition to pushing for great charity and helping for intellectual health. As long as it indicates or not a similar involvement with Warner Bros. The Flash’s past remains uncertain.

However, that wouldn’t hurt Ben Affleck’s chances of delivering HBO Max.Again. Whether or not Ben Affleck will return as Bruce Wayne is uncertain. Mostly due to the fact that part of Affleck’s settlement returning as Batman in The Flash was allowed him to make revisions to the script.

Plus, clearly Affleck’s position in The Flash. Even as important, would appear to be no greater than Michael Keaton’s “substantial” position in the approaching solo film. Only time will tell if Ben Affleck makes the decision to stick. As the preliminary rumor said, “the ball is in his court”.

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