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Tamira Burton is Fraser Health’s Healthy Schools Nurse supporting the Langley School District.

“In addition to engaging in district-wide health promotion initiatives, my role also includes partnering with a number of schools in our district, referred to as ‘focus schools,'” Burton said.

“The intent of our engagement with targeted schools is to provide additional resources to embed health promotion in schools that experience higher rates of vulnerability.”

Fraser Health Healthy Schools Nurses support school districts and have identified target schools to promote the mental, physical, emotional and social well-being of students.

“We base our work with our target schools on extensive research that shows that healthy students are better learners,” she added.

“In my role as a Healthy Schools Nurse, I lead with this understanding in mind as I support Targeted Schools to expand the incredible work they are doing to improve all aspects of student health and wellbeing. in the school.”

This includes mental, physical, socio-emotional and intellectual health.

“I do this by working alongside school staff and other community partners to take upstream actions such as supporting the development of healthy school policies, linking to health data sources, supporting improvements in school environment and strengthen ties with community partners,” Burton explained.

The pandemic has brought significant changes to learning, but Healthy Schools Nurses remain committed to working closely with school districts and target schools.

“We do this to support their efforts to prioritize the mental well-being of their students and staff,” she said. “A key example of how we have done this is to demonstrate to our school district partners how our supports and services align strongly with the Ministry of Education’s key principles and strategies for promoting the mental health of K-12 in schools, an important setting for our school. districts to take an upstream approach to supporting mental wellness.

Despite the challenges of modern health care, Burton loved this helping profession.

“I enjoy all aspects of this role and the greatest rewards are hearing the benefits of our collaborative work on staff and students,” she said. “We all benefit from the partnerships and relationships that are developed, and I hope we continue to build on those partnerships.”

A variety of resources are available for students looking to improve their well-being.

There are many resources related to schools and the community.

Students and families can visit the Langley School District website under the “healthy schools” page or the Fraser Health Healthy Schools Program webpage for resources on topics such as healthy eating, active living , healthy practices (including substance use prevention and sexual health), and mental well-being.

– Langley School District


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