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The mission of the Lt. Governor’s Challenge is to improve the quality of life for all Delawares. It was designed to honor individuals, organizations, and institutions that inspire others by making healthy choices the easiest choices for their communities, ultimately helping to elevate the well-being, productivity, and prosperity of the first state, and the deadline for applicants to this year’s challenge has been extended to May 31.

“The Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge is our way of encouraging healthier lifestyles in Delawares,” said Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long, a lifelong health and wellness advocate who holds a Ph.D. . in Health Policy and Nursing Administration from George Mason University. “The programs we honor deliver real, lasting results for Delawarens.”

Dr. Lynn Morrison, CEO of Brandywine Counseling & Community Services (BCCS), former winner, spoke about what it takes to win the challenge.

“The Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge gave us the opportunity to highlight the importance of well-being at work, of our staff insofar as all the good work they were doing, and to communicate with the community about essential services that BCCS staff have provided during the pandemic,” says Morrisson.

“When COVID-19 wreaked havoc on society as a whole, it hit hard for those helping others. At BCCS, it was clear that staff were under pressure. So the team developed an organization-wide initiative to help employees manage their own stress, take better care of themselves while many were isolated and working remotely, and share their own mental health problems and to discuss the strategies they used to deal with them.

Morrison saw the BCCS program as a perfect example of what the program was looking for – a wellness initiative that went beyond normal agency parameters by addressing a specific issue with creative thinking and measurable results.

As one of the criteria for the Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge is measurable evidence that a health or wellness program has had positive results, BCCS made sure to include this data in its nomination.

Results from the BCCS program have been positive in the short and long term, Morrison said. In the 2020 BCCS Annual Employee Survey, employee engagement was up from the previous year and 79% of employees said they were satisfied with BCCS as an employer, up two points from 2019 and 7% above the national benchmark. Employees also indicated that they viewed BCCS as supportive during COVID and expressed satisfaction with senior management and the way BCCS communicated with employees.

For businesses or agencies considering submitting their own wellness programs for the 2022 Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge, applications are open now, with the deadline Tuesday, May 31. The challenge is looking for programs that:

• Are local to Delaware

• Treat physical and/or emotional health or well-being in Delaware

• Improve results by changing policies, systems and/or the environment within an institution, company or community.

Applicants must demonstrate that their programs have gone beyond ordinary expectations or industry requirements and have the data to support the success of their program. For more information on submitting a nomination, the Lieutenant Governor has prepared a short video on the nominations page emphasizing these key criteria.

For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page at Any additional questions that arise during the nomination process can be directed to [email protected]

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