Legal Update Resolution No.89.22 | Denton

On February 21, 2022, Resolution No. 89/22 of the Federal Ministry for Productive Development was published in the Official Gazette. Through this resolution, the open information system for the community (System of Información Abierta a la Comunidad or SIACAM for its Spanish acronym) was created. SIACAM will periodically report on the economic, geological, geographical, social, health and environmental aspects of mining activity in Argentina.

SIACAM will be coordinated by the Department of Studies and the Department of Transparency and Mining Information of the Federal Secretariat for Mines. The coordinated efforts of these agencies will help provide accurate and up-to-date information on mining activities.

In addition, the resolution creates the Federal Office of Mines open to the community (Mesa Nacional sobre Minería Abierta a la Comunidad or MEMAC for its Spanish acronym) as a forum to discuss the benefits, risks and factors necessary to promote mining activities, to disseminate information to local communities as well as to submit guidelines for Argentine mining development (Argentinian Desarrollo Minero), an initiative led by the Federal Secretary of Mines to promote an open and inclusive dialogue within the sector.

MEMAC will be coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Mines and the Cabinet of Advisors Unit of the Federal Ministry of Productive Development. The governors of the provinces and the mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, the trade unions linked to the mining sector, the representatives of the chambers concerned, the federal ministries of health; Science, technology and innovation; Environment and Sustainable Development, the Federal Council for Scientific and Technical Research (or CONICET for its acronym in Spanish) and the Federal Council of Mines (or COFEMIN for its acronym in Spanish), are invited to participate in MEMAC.

Undoubtedly, this important initiative will contribute to improving the quality of information on the mining industry and will encourage a constructive dialogue between the sectors concerned which, ultimately, will benefit the development of the mining sector and local communities.

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