Letter: The Bible Does Not Say When Life Begins | Letters

Roe’s Flight c. Wade creates a storm of opinions.

And that’s all they are: opinions. There are few facts available in this discussion. Those who claim God’s power on their side are manipulators, trying to amplify their own inadequate power.

There is a beating heart at about six weeks gestation, but really! Earthworms have a beating heart, a complete circulatory system, and a functioning brain and nervous system. Does that make them “humans” with a soul?

None of us can really be sure of the beginning of human life. If we examine ourselves carefully, we must admit that we cannot be certain at what point in the development of a fetus God instills a soul. There is no biblical reference to when life begins during pregnancy.

Even if there were, no one has the right to impose on another person their opinion on the beginning of life. As a confirmed Anabaptist, I believe that the church should be separated from the state, and I watch with concern the apparent attempts by overly religious groups to challenge state policies to coincide with their beliefs. nuns.

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Too many states ignore exemptions for maternal life, rape, incest, etc., as if women were second-class citizens with fewer rights than a child or husband.

A woman’s life matters as much as a baby’s life. Women are more than mothers of children; they are sentient beings with equal rights. If a man was carrying babies, would we see such disregard for his life or his mental/emotional health?

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