Loan collectors harass minister’s PA

TIRUPATI: Nellore District Police have arrested four loan collectors from Chennai for abusing and harassing Cherukuri Sankaraiah, personal assistant to Agriculture Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy.

The agents made numerous calls to the Minister’s cell phone in a very short time from different cell numbers. This forced his PA Sankaraiah to pay a pending loan installment from a defaulter, identified as P. Ashok Kumar, who had borrowed ₹8.50 lakh from a credit company.

However, Sankaraiah subsequently filed a complaint with Muthukuru Police, who brought an action under Section 386, 507 r/w 109 IPC and Section 66 of the Computers Act 2000 against unknown loan collectors. During their investigation, the police discovered that the officers worked for Collman Services operating out of Chennai with 300 callers.

Acting on the instructions of SP Ch. Vijaya Rao, Muthukuru Police set a trap and caught four officers identified as Pesala Penchala Rao (38) from Podalakur in Nellore town, Madhuri Vasu (25), chief of Collman Services team from Thiruverkadu in Chennai, Guru Prasad Reddy (36) from Varadaiahpalem in Tirupati district, and Sivanasan Mahendran (42) from Koraturu, Chennai.

The SP said on Friday: “As Ashok Kumar failed to repay the loan, the loan collection agency contacted people on the borrower’s mobile phone contact list. As part of this, they also called the number of Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy, who is on Ashok Kumar’s contact list”.

Reacting to the incident, Govardhan Reddy said he received 79 calls from different numbers in a very short time. “Usually I attend every call myself on my phone. But as I was busy with official programs, my PA answered the calls. Loan collectors informed him that an Ashok gave my contact number as an alternate number and demanded that we repay the loan.

When the minister raised the issue with the police, they asked him to pay the said sum to entrap the loan collectors. Following the transaction, the police managed to locate the recovery agency, which operates from Chennai.

It is learned that former minister P. Anil Kumar Yadav also received many calls from the same agency, harassing him to pay Ashok Kumar’s loan installments.

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