MAFS star Melissa Rawson’s fear of emotional health

Married at first sight Melissa Rawson shared a “raw and emotional” health update, after doctors found several lumps on her breasts from an ultrasound.

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Taking to Instagram, Melissa shared a photo right after taking a biopsy, where she had tears in her eyes as she shared the results with her followers.

“Glad it’s done!” She wrote on the post.

“The local anesthetic worked on two of the three bumps. I felt absolutely nothing for the first two, but oh my God, I felt every part of the biopsy needle for the final bump,” a- she continued.


“I feel very raw and emotional (babies haven’t given me a day off from morning sickness either!) So I’m coming home to rest in bed and treat myself …”

After that initial upload, Melissa shared another update with her fans after she came home and “was resting in bed.”

“I feel great, it’s just a little sore when I walk around and on my feet a bit, I’m kinda light headed,” she said.

“But hey, that comes with the biopsy and morning sickness,” she added, before thanking the fans for their kind messages.

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It comes after Melissa revealed earlier this month that a benign mass and two unidentified masses had been discovered and that she needed a needle biopsy.

While she said there was “nothing to worry about” at the time, she admitted she was worried about the biopsy.

“I have a lot of anxiety and fear about medical appointments, everything that grows, pushes… I get so nervous and so pissed off for absolutely nothing,” she said.

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