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Four years ago, Adelphine Abewe found herself in a situation where she did not understand, she felt alone, empty and did not know how to go about it. That was until she found something to light up her life.

Abewe, who is the managing director and founder of El Amor Garden Ltd, says that although she loved plants from an early age, she never had enough time to focus on them, and when she finally did, she began to find her purpose and happiness in life.

“I realized that plants are important in our life, not only for clean air, but also for stress relief and decoration, and that’s what saved me from the negative thoughts I had before. “, she says.

Well, according to experts, finding your passion is just one of the proven remedies to help you manage your stress and build your resilience.

Sylvestre Twizerimana, a clinical psychologist in Rwanda, says that with many things in people’s lives, it is quite normal that one is likely to go through different challenges which could make them stressed and depressed at the same time.

He says that in such circumstances, preparing for stressful times can ease their passage and, above all, knowing what you need to do to avoid such times is essential for your well-being.

“From a psychological point of view, knowing how to manage our well-being can help us recover from stressful situations in our lives, and the ability to manage stress is what we call resilience, the two go hand in hand” , he said.

Building Resilience

Omer Mayobera, a peacebuilding and development practitioner with a background in psychology, says that to build our resilience, there are things we can try to stay away from stress.

He says it’s paramount to understand the factors that could also make it harder to be resilient, adding that our response to stress is not something we can all easily control, it all depends on the individual.

“Some causes of stress are beyond our control. And some ways to manage stress and build resilience aren’t always the same for everyone, and for that reason, it’s essential to seek expert advice to help you on the best way to go about it,” says- he.

While there are things that can be practiced that can help or make it easier to get through stressful situations, that doesn’t mean that all of your stress in life will go away.

Emmanuela Mahoro, a Kigali-based psychologist, says one of the common remedies for managing stress and building resilience is to simply take care of your well-being.

This, she says, can help her feel more adept at handling stress, although different things work for different people.

“When we talk about taking care of our well-being, it’s also important to know that being kind to yourself is part of it. It can help you feel good about yourself in different situations,” she says.

She adds that finding time to relax is also part of being kind to yourself, as it can help you feel what you’re feeling, including building your confidence.

Twizerimana says developing interests and hobbies is also another remedy for managing stress and building resilience.

For example, he mentions that spending time on things you enjoy could help distract you from a stressful situation.

From experience, Abewe says spending time in nature can help reduce stress and improve well-being, and for those who love nature, they can give it a try and see the benefits.

In the meantime, it is also recommended that you take care of your physical health, which includes getting enough sleep, staying physically active, and eating a balanced diet.

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