Mental health is a priority

Mona Abu Hammoor

Amman – A “psychological epidemic”, as experts described it in al-Ghat, the psychological impact of “corona” on members of the community is overwhelming and disturbing.
The effects of corona are not only physical, but also leave a heavy burden on the social, health and economic conditions associated with the epidemic, so that psychological problems and stress may become a clear phenomenon and people enter into a dangerous phase.
The main concern of experts and specialists and of the World Health Organization is to protect the mental health of communities and of all health workers, adults, women, children and the most vulnerable in the community. The World Health Organization defines “health” as the state of physical, psychological and social integrity and well-being, and stresses the need to include mental health in these difficult times, especially after an epidemic. . Consider the treatment method as an essential part of the treatment and give priority to it in light of the difficult situation caused by the infection, because the anxiety and tension increase after the living conditions.
For his part, psychologist Dr Yusuf Muslim said that in light of the high incidence of corona virus infections and mutations, the incidence of mental disorders and depression after corona infection is increasing, so it is necessary to give higher priority to payment. Focus on psychotherapy.
People suffering from all kinds of mental disorders should pay attention to the necessary measures to support the psychological aspect.
Through mental health awareness media campaigns, Muslim emphasizes the need to take human health seriously, both physically and psychologically, as well as the proper management of physical and psychological stress. Doubled the suffering of many.
According to Muslim, the importance of psychotherapy is clear, it should be included in medical treatment as well as in all types of health services and provide an integrated service to patients.
The Muslim stresses the need to learn from what happened during corona infections and how to raise the level of the immune system so that fear, anxiety and psychological stress can be overcome.
Behavioral and community therapist Esmat Hoso, in turn, points out that psychotherapy is no less important than physical therapy because psychological comfort strengthens the immune system, making it resistant to viruses and diseases.
As life’s difficulties multiplied, Hoso realized that psychotherapy was needed, regretting the stigma attached by society to mental illness as “insanity”, which made him reluctant to consult specialists and increased thus the difficulty in caring for them. Then.
Science has evolved, there is a big difference between mental illness and neurosis, according to Hoso, which once was difficult to treat, has become easier with the progress and development of treatments. Hose points out that there is an inverse relationship between age and the ability to cope with stress and stress, and the importance of looking at psychological issues and their risk to individuals’ performance, relationships, and stability. Taking into account the psychological aspect of family health insurance and comprehensive care.
According to Hoso, support depends not only on the mentally ill, but also on the workers in the field, who consume a lot of time, energy and effort.
“The disease requires pharmacological, behavioral and psychological treatment,” says Hoso, adding that “corona psychosis” forces children and adolescents to stay at home longer than them, to lose distance education and all hobby. Depression at home.
Hosue calls on the media and relevant authorities to teach people the importance of including psychotherapy in the health care system, as the psychological stress caused by corona at home affects the psychological immune system. The culture of disability still exists, delaying treatment and worsening the psychological state, while early treatment leads to improvement in cases without seeking medication, and the inclusion of psychotherapy here implies that there are professional standards in the treatment of sick cases. Therapeutic sessions.
The psychological state, like body and soul, is the basis for improving human productivity to achieve psychological balance and inner peace, which is generally reflected in relationships within society.

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