National Women’s Health Week Highlights Fight Against COVID

TEHRAN – National Women’s Health Week (October 14-20) is held in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and with a theme “Women, health management, fight against COVID-19”.

In light of the pandemic, like last year, the main issue for National Women’s Health Week 2021 is the management of the pandemic by women in society and the family, ILNA reported on Saturday.

The Ministry of Health has assigned each day of the week a special theme as follows:

Saturday October 14: Women, information management and promotion of health literacy during the coronavirus (receive information from reliable sources, distinguish reliable sources from untrustworthy sources, use and distribute information correctly in virtual networks)

Sunday October 15: Women, managing their mental health and that of their families during the pandemic (bereavement management, stress management, domestic violence, healthy family relationships, strengthening of communication skills, mutual aid)

Monday October 16: Management of women and healthy lifestyles in COVID-19 (healthy eating, physical activity at home)

Tuesday October 17: Women and social health in COVID-19 (poverty, unemployment, loss of family, female heads of household, business opportunity, online business training for women)

Wednesday October 18: Women’s and reproductive health in the coronavirus pandemic (healthy marital relations, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding)

Thursday, October 19: Women and COVID-19 vaccination

Friday, October 20: Management of women’s and family health (prevention of transmission of the coronavirus among family members)


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