Opinions of our readers May 26, 2022

Violence in the PAa national disgrace

The barbaric and violent casteist agitation, arson and burning of buses, minister’s and MP’s houses in Amalapuram to protest the renaming of Konaseema district to Dr Ambedkar konaseema is a national disgrace. The castist snakes, anti-national activists and feudal masterminds leading this violent agitation should be crushed with an iron fist by the government in order to maintain the dignity of the father of the Indian constitution. Opposition political parties should also give up their narrow political interests and unitedly support the progressive decision of the AP government.

PH Hema Sagar, secunderabad

The release of Sibal had been preparing for a long time

Not surprisingly, senior Congressman Kapil Sibal shifted his loyalties to the Samajwadi party. He has long expressed his dissatisfaction with Congress party business. Since he is not a leader of the masses, his absence may not affect the big old party much. The high command should take note of the developments in good spirit and begin to straighten the bridges. The Congress party will have a future in the hands of committed young leaders who should be trained in a democratic way.

Dr DVG Sankararao, Vizianagaram

Indo-American ties based on trust

At the QUAD leaders’ summit in Tokyo, the prime minister described India-US strategic relations as a true “trusted partnership”, as the two countries shared the same outlook and values ​​of common interests in many fields. . The US President also endorsed it stating that the US is committed to making the partnership one of the closest on the planet makes it clear that the US is counting on the importance of India in the scenario global. Keeping the Chinese factor in mind, the meeting reiterated its unwavering commitment to a free and inclusive Indo-Pacific by agreeing not to allow another war in the Indo-Pacific region.

KR Srinivasan, secunderabad

Timely honor for ASHA workers

We are pleased to hear that ASHAs or Accredited Social Health Activists are among the recipients of the prestigious 2022 WHO Global Health Leaders Award. make primary health care accessible to the rural poor throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to their routine work of providing maternal care, child immunization, and community health care, they raised awareness about COVID-19, identified and tracked COVID-19 cases, and participated in the vaccination campaign.

David Milton, Maruthan code

The politics behind the imposition of Hindi

Vivek Shukla’s article, “Don’t Impose Hindi, Learn Pakistan’s Bitter Lessons” (The Hans India, May 24), is very timely and instructive. After independence, our drafters of the Constitution preferred to give priority to regional languages. While the Official Language Act 1963 preferred Hindi as the official status for Union Government correspondence, English also serves as a liaison language for the convenience of non-Hindi states as guaranteed by the Legislature . It is only our politicians, to take advantage of troubled waters, who frequently issue hot and cold statements according to their own interests.

Govardhan R Jilla, Bombay

Atma Nirbhar in the Defense Sector

The government is keen to reduce reliance on imported military platforms as the Indian Armed Forces are expected to spend around $130 billion on capital acquisitions over the next five years. A target set for $25 billion in defense manufacturing revenue in the country over the next five years is a sure roadmap to achieve mammoth ambition. The government’s effort to attract more FDI following the decision to raise the investment ceiling through the automatic route to 74% is seen as an innovative addition to the roadmap. That the war in Ukraine has proven the vulnerability of Russian tanks, fighter jets, helicopters and armored vehicles to missiles supplied by NATO is inescapable; while the missiles, multi-barrel rockets and various bombs used by the Russians proved deadly without question in Ukraine.

KR Parvathy, Mysore

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