Pa. Residents are encouraged to use myPATH to file their 2021 taxes

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue encourages taxpayers to use the free online option to file.

Taxpayers can visit file their Pennslyvania tax returns. This free and easy-to-use service helps most taxpayers file their personal income tax return (PA-40), make income tax payments, and access other services.

“We encourage people to file their returns online and as soon as possible. This will help us process returns quickly and reimburse taxpayers who are waiting for one,” Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said. “myPATH is a great option for filing your state return, especially if you’re looking to save money this tax season and avoid paying someone else a fee to file your return for you.”

Residents depositing using myPATH do not have to create a username or password. You will need your social security number and either the tax payable for a previous tax year or their date of birth. Additionally, you will also need a Pennslyvania driver’s license number or photo ID and its expiration date.

The deadline for filing taxes is April 18, 2022.

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