Pandemic can have serious effects on children’s mental and physical health, doctor says

The current COVID-19 pandemic can have serious effects on the mental and physical health of children, said Dr Praveen Kumar, director of the Department of Pediatrics at Lady Hardinge Medical College. “The pandemic can have a severe effect on the mental and physical health of children. They are confined at home for more than a year. In addition, illnesses in the family, lost wages for parents have increased stress. . Children can express psychological distress (sadness) by acting in a different way, each child behaves differently. Some may become silent while others may express anger and hyperactivity, “said Dr Kumar.

He also warned that caregivers need to be patient with children and understand their emotions. “Look for signs of stress in young children, which can be excessive worry or sadness, unhealthy eating or sleeping habits, and difficulty paying attention and concentrating. Families should also help children cope. stress and alleviate their anxiety, ”he added. .

Speaking of the effect of future waves on children, Lady Hardinge’s doctor said: “COVID-19 is a new virus that has the potential to mutate. Whether future waves will affect children more or with increased severity are concerns. speculation. People are speculating that future waves may affect children more as most adults will be vaccinated in the next few months when we do not have an approved vaccine for children at the moment. “Dr Kumar said the COVID vaccine for pregnant women and nursing mothers will protect the growing fetus and newborn from deadly infection.

Regarding the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 on children, he further stated that it affected also compared to adults. “COVID-19 is a new virus and it affects all age groups because we do not have natural immunity to this virus. According to the NCDC / IDSP dashboard, around 12% of infected COVIDs were contributed by patients under the age of 20. . “According to Dr Kumar, recent surveys have shown a similar seropositivity in children and adults. However, due to a greater number of people affected during the second wave, the number of infected children was also higher than in the first wave. So far, the death rate in children is lower than that of adults and is generally seen in children with co-morbidities. (ANI)

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