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When speaking of losses suffered in the course of life, we must mention the losses suffered by our mind and body. Mental and emotional health is of great importance. Stress and depression have a serious impact on our health, so we must guard against them on a war footing. One solution to this problem is to believe in God, do regular meditations and prayers, and have a good lifestyle, in addition to proper medicine and nutrition.
Depression can lead to sleep loss and memory loss. Memory loss is a state of forgetfulness in which one cannot remember past events. It is related to age and caused by certain chronic diseases as well. A stressful life can also contribute. Other health related losses are hair loss, hearing loss, sight loss, loss of appetite, etc.
Another loss is loss of character, about which it has been said that when lost, all is lost in life. Character makes courageous and strong. We face life boldly and become disciplined if we are of good character. We adhere to moral values ​​and adopt a balanced lifestyle without extravagance. Good morals mean good human values.
People without character cannot do justice to their jobs or to the people around them. They stay stressed out with negative thoughts and a bad lifestyle that impacts both their health, their wealth, and everything in between. Good morals make people benevolent and a person shows humility in their dealings with others. He is like a tree branch laden with fruit that leans towards the earth because of his humility. A person of good character cannot be selfish and will not look down on others. He will treat everyone with honor and respect.
Good character requires being well informed and enjoying being in the company of scholars and wise people of high moral character. Such a person avoids the company of evil and anti-social elements in society. He treats everyone equally and fairly to everyone, and with nastiness to no one. Marginalized sections of society receive special treatment from him. He leads an austere life, free from greed and extravagance. In addition, he fears God and leads a godly life. He is grateful to everyone, always truthful, honest, showing top notch tolerance and taking life’s challenges head on. He would rather pay others in need than expect anything in return from them.
Therefore, loss of character means loss of everything else, and having good character earns us respect and honor all over society. It is so important that we are required to produce good character certificates on many occasions in our life, such as in schools, colleges, universities and even in the search for jobs and jobs.
Other forms of loss are also of a serious nature. These are like the loss of childhood innocence in the form of child labor and child abuse, loss of freedom, loss of cultural heritage, loss of citizenship and, more importantly, the waste of time. Every past day is lost and every past year is lost. It is a great loss because the lost time never returns.
Of all the losses, the loss of a loved one is the most heartbreaking. Only a parent knows what the loss of their child means, or only a boy knows what the loss of his dear mother or father means to him. There is a skit in which a boy asks a telephone operator to call his mother. When the operator asked him for his mother’s phone number, the boy replied that he only knew her address because she was in heaven. The operator understood and made the call to an operator who pretended to be his mother and spoke with the boy while crying bitterly and sobbing. The boy returned home and was happy to have spoken to his Heavenly Mother.
We have said it well: “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

—The writer is a retired telecommunications engineer

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