Partnership makes getting hurricane preparedness advice as easy as buying: Kauai Now: Kauai News & Information

Need advice on preparing for hurricanes? You could get this information when you go to the store.

Public health nurses will provide hurricane preparedness information at Longs Drugs sites across the state Monday through July 21. They will also advise buyers on how to prepare their homes for hurricanes and other natural disasters.

“We want our residents to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies before they happen, including how they will manage their health during and after a disaster,” said Joan Takamori, RN, Chief Care Officer public health nurses, in a press release. issued by the Ministry of Health. “Public health nurses can explain to shoppers what to include in their emergency kit. »

Nurses will distribute the “Take 10” guide to building an emergency kit and the “Plan To Be Ready” booklet to help families plan for emergencies. A children’s activity book that explains keiki emergency preparedness will also be available.

“Families are encouraged to have a plan and keep an emergency kit for at least two weeks,” said Judy Kern, head of the Office of Public Health Preparedness. “Caregivers and people with special needs should ensure that they also include needs-specific items in their kits.”

Hurricane season in the Central Pacific region, which includes the Hawaiian Islands, began in June 1 and continues until November 30, although hurricanes and tropical storms can occur at any time. The DOH urges residents and visitors to prepare and plan to protect both physical health and mental well-being before, during and after a hurricane.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Hawaii Department of Health to ensure our local Hawaiian communities are prepared for the harsh weather this summer,” added Scott Sutton, Regional Manager of Longs Drugs. “Whether we ensure our stores are stocked with emergency items, such as water, batteries and first aid supplies, or we proactively reach out to pharmacy patients to remind them to renew or to pick up prescriptions ahead of potential storms, our teams at Longs Drugs are ready to help residents prepare for the approach of hurricane season.

Kaua’i locations are:

  • Līhu’e (3-2600 Kaumuali’i Highway) Tuesday, June 28 9 a.m. to noon
  • Kapa’a (loop 645 Aleka) Tuesday, June 28 9 a.m. to noon

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