Role of exercise in maintaining good sexual health

We all know that exercise has many benefits, which are known to be necessary for overall health. It improves memory, prevents disease and reduces stress. Indeed, according to experts, it is the basic solution for an array of ailments. Although people know about the benefits of exercise for maintaining good physical shape, many are aware of its importance for sexual health.

Besides managing body weight, exercise maintains healthy blood circulation, boosts emotional health, and regular exercise provides a range of mental and physical benefits that enhance sex. A new study from the National Institutes of Health has found that 43% of women and 31% of men experience sexual dysfunction due to obesity and lack of exercise.

Therefore, several positive sex-related benefits can be obtained by contributing to regular exercise. So here are some aspects in which daily exercise has an impact on your sexual health.

Stimulates blood circulation

During exercise, the heart beats at a higher rate and blood circulation in the body improves. It helps you reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. As a result, a person’s sexual health is enhanced by healthy blood flow to the sexual organs, thereby enhancing the orgasmic sexual experience.

Improve body image

Being sexually active can often lead to a positive body image, which can be an important factor because feelings of perceived attractiveness are linked to sexual satisfaction. By exercising, you will be in your desired body shape, which will lead to an enhanced libido in you and your partner.

Reduce stress

We know that physical activity produces endorphins also called “happiness hormones”. These are responsible for inhibiting pain and promoting pleasure. So if you are happier, it will influence your libido. In short, while coping with stress, exercise will also improve your sex life.

Reduce sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women can be reduced by exercising regularly. Improved cardiovascular health, endurance and longevity can give you and your partner the greatest satisfaction.

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