The founder of the Qld Kids association avoids prison

The founder of a children’s charity who became a TikTok hit has avoided jail time after facing multiple drug charges.

Conan Martin Visser, 37, pleaded guilty to seven counts of drug supply and one of possession in Brisbane District Court on Friday after selling and sharing cocaine with friends for two months in 2020.

However, Visser – who started the ‘I Can I Will’ charity before making a “smashingly successful” TikTok documentary – avoided jail time after receiving a suspended nine-month prison sentence.

Defense attorney Chris Minnery said Visser turned to drugs while out on bail for a domestic violence offense, hitting “bottom bottom” after his plans to expand his charitable work went off the rails in 2020.

Visser started the charity which helped vulnerable children deal with mental health and bullying nearly 10 years ago, at one point working with 30 schools across Queensland.

“All out of pocket,” Mr. Minnery said.

Visser realized this was “unsustainable” and reduced his work to one-on-one support before developing a television program on children’s health “with a producer in Los Angeles”.

However, it all fell apart and he lost an investment of $100,000.

Mr Minnery said Visser also received unwanted media attention after he was found guilty of assaulting his then-girlfriend in 2020, saying it resulted in “four to six online death threats month”.

“That was when he really hit rock bottom,” Mr Minnery told the court.

“He was the subject of media attention because of these accusations, he was the subject of threats, he was desperately anxious, unemployed and without support.

“He had lost all his assets. It was probably the darkest moment of my client’s life.”

Visser was arrested for drug trafficking after three months of police surveillance.

Crown prosecutor Kimberley Thomas said Visser was found with 0.16 grams of a cocaine-containing substance.

She said Visser had sold and shared cocaine in amounts ranging from 0.5g to two grams with friends for months.

The court was told that Visser had previously been convicted of the misdemeanor domestic violence in September 2020 and of using a transportation service to harass and offend his then-girlfriend in June 2022.

“At the time of the drug offences, you were … on bail for the assaults on your then girlfriend, and then just days after you were released on bail for the cocaine you harassed,” the judge said. Leanne Clare.

However, Visser is set to maintain his success on TikTok after receiving a two-year suspended prison sentence.

Mr Minnery said Visser had secured government funding for a series of health documentaries on the social media platform.

He said the most recent entry which explored the effect of drinking alcohol daily for a month on mental and physical health was “very successful” with 22 million views in 10 weeks.

Visser hopes to expand the series, take the project overseas and also work with remote Australian Indigenous communities.

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