The race for the high court of Pa. Hits the low road

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvanians will elect a new Supreme Court judge next Tuesday and negative campaign ads have been aired, leaving many wondering whether the race for Pennsylvania’s highest court has gotten too low.

“Maria McLaughlin, the wrong choice for the Supreme Court,” the ad said. “Chose to quash the guilty plea of ​​a drunk driver who killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child.”

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It is a shot by Republican Kevin Brobson, candidate for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, against an extremely agitated Democrat.

“This is a clear and egregious violation,” Pennsylvania Supreme Court candidate Maria McLaughlin (R). noted. And, said McLaughlin, dishonest.

“The accused never got out of jail for a minute. Was that said in the ad? McLaughlin asked.

She responded with a shot at Brobson. “Unfortunately, my opponent remains silent while his supporters lie and spend millions to buy the land,” the response announcement said.

Deborah Gross, with Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, supports merit-based selection of judges, rather than elections. She says campaign money and the courts are a bad combination.

“If it’s from a lawyer, right, we’re worried because that lawyer might be in front of the judge,” Gross said.

I asked Brobson if the drunk driver’s ad crossed the line.

“Those who criticize the tone of this election, I do not necessarily have to disagree with them, but they might have a short memory, ”said Brobson.

Brobson says contributions have gotten high and ads have been going down for several cycles now. This race is estimated at $ 6 million.

“Third party groups and special interests have invested their money in the outcome of these races and in supporting one candidate or another and unfortunately their advertisements are not always flattering,” said Brobson.

Brobson thinks the Pennsylvanians can cut the noise. “I trust voters to make informed decisions and I believe they will do that on November 2,” said Brobson.

But, do these ads help them do that?

“My grandchildren were crying when they saw the ad, they thought I was in jail,” McLaughlin said.

The current composition of the Supreme Court is five Democrats and two Republicans, but the open seat is that of retired Republican Tom Saylor, so they risk falling behind five to one, so there could be a sense of emergency for Republicans.

For more information on Justice Kevin Brobson’s Supreme Court campaign, click here. Want to learn more about Justice Maria McLaughlin’s campaign for the Supreme Court? Click on here.

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