Upcoming Abortion Fight – Pratt Tribune

It looks like the Supreme Court of the United States could overrule Roe V Wade. When that happens, each state can decide whether or not to allow abortion. Kansas has already been identified as one of the “go to” states for Texas women seeking abortions when Texas halts abortions. Does Kansas really want to be known as “the” place to get an abortion? It’s time to start preparing for the fight coming to Kansas.

Many will remember when abortion was “acceptable” in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. I can understand that in case the mother’s life is in danger (her life, not her emotional health) the government should not say “Sorry, but the law says you must die rather than abort the child”. There, the decision should be between the family, their doctors and God. In cases of rape or incest, there are many instances where abortions were not performed and families ended up welcoming and loving the children. If it turns out that the child is unwanted, medical advice and assistance should be readily available and the laws governing adoption simplified.

Start preparing now. Elections will come soon, and there will be a battle over abortion. We must elect politicians who will put an end to this barbaric practice.

bill can

Hays, Kansas

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