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The history of modern man is embellished with a thousand accidental tragedies, periodic natural disasters and chaos. In the last hundred years we have seen two epidemics and a horrific tsunami as well as numerous floods and earthquakes. The prophets of doom, as we may call the destructive forces, wreaked havoc and the message conveyed was that of “death and fear”.

The history of man also reveals that there were miracles, blessings, and prosperity poured out by the prophets of peace in ancient times. The message given by each one was that of ‘Life and Hope’. As we have entered the last part of Ramzan in search of the “mighty night”, we need more “hope” for our world.

The world of corona wakes up in despair and sleeps in fear. The virus has not only engulfed physical space in the world, but has clouded our helpless minds. The virus may never leave our ecology completely. It may lose its severity or intensity. This too will come with vaccination and medication. We can control it, but not completely eliminate it. During this time, humans can probably become immune to the virus as in the past. Medical science is determined to make human beings stronger than the attacking virus. Almighty poses problems for us, but not without solutions.

The inherent weaknesses of humanity have often drawn the wrath of the universe. Time and time again righteous messengers and people have been born to strengthen the human spirit. The holy month of Ramzan is a reminder of many kinds. The sacred message through the Quran was revealed during this month which allayed fears, instilled hope and showed a righteous way of life. Society had embodied various viruses of the mind which had corrupted the whole being. Souls had lost their shine. The virtues fell one by one. Society had degraded due to materialistic greed and self-weakness. Injustice, power, and pagan practices had tainted the human character with flaws and wounds. This intellectual health needed healing and rejuvenation. A revival of the pure self that was devoid of all sickness of heart and mind was needed.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the message of peace miraculously strengthened society. Many great men and women changed their minds and got rid of their sick minds overnight. Barbaric and rude strong men have melted away in the moments when realization and truth have manifested. The rich and the poor, both humbled by the doctrine of Islam. The right path had been manifested. Is the evil dead? Definitely not, we just got it under control. In fact, the bad whispers are as loud as the first day. Religion is that staff we rely on, call it Dharma or Deen. This divine vaccination of body, mind and soul has taken place in all regions and at all times. The trivialities of worldly life were cast aside and there was a higher goal set for each individual. They have become “super humans”. The tribe, the community and the society have gradually transformed with the revived spirit of life, the new anecdote or the spiritual vaccination. Everyone has been immune to the evil temptations, cruel ways and inhumane acts committed earlier. The great monarchs, the great landowners, the business tycoons have submitted to the unity of the Almighty and have changed their ways of life. Islam has vaccinated the superficial sick spirit and transformed man into a pious, upright and healthy human in all its forms.

Today’s world is strengthening again to fight against the virus that weakens physical form. We must increase the fighting capacity from within. As the second deadly wave of the New Crown hits us, we need more fortification of the body through isolation and vaccination. This Ramzan we must adopt another form of charity for our society. Wearing the mask, disinfecting, maintaining social distance, following the SOPs and getting vaccinated as soon as possible has been the practice for a year. Mutual cooperation and caring for others is the best “sadqa” or charity we can give to this Ramzan. Responsible behavior towards one another could save society in a subtle but meaningful way. Whether it’s your co-worker, housekeeper, driver, milkman, salesperson or grocer, each is part of your daily life. Phones, watches, bags and other accessories are too disinfected and the real carrier of the virus misses our eye. Frontline workers directly exposed to the pandemic and the 45 and over age group are vaccinated because of concerns that they may lack immunity. Soon the 18-45 group will be covered. But this group has the burden of being responsible and empathetic towards each other, as they carry the risk on their shoulders.

Declining death rates, the number of infected and the number of vaccinations carried out each day are the only tangible indicators of the state of the severity of the epidemic. To make the virus insignificant or even eradicate it, we need to increase immunity and adopt appropriate social behavior to fight the disease. It will come with the little charity of wearing masks, home isolation, and social distancing from one another. Become your own corona warrior this Ramzan.

The author is of Karnataka origin living in Kashmir.

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