You can request Covid sick leave in Andalusia via your mobile phone

You can request Covid sick leave in Andalusia via your mobile phone. image: Pexels

You can request sick leave due to Covid through the Salud Responde de Andalusia app.

The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has integrated a specific section for the coronavirus in its Salud Responde mobile application, in which users, in addition to being able to notify that they are positive, can request Covid sick leave from their mobile.

Users through the Salud Responde mobile app can notify SAS of a positive result after performing an antigen test or indicate that they have symptoms compatible with SARS-CoV-2 infection.

From that moment on, the application guides them through a questionnaire that detects people with severe symptoms, vulnerable people, people over 70, people with serious illnesses, immunosuppressed and pregnant, and health personnel. or social health.

How to request sick leave due to Covid in Andalusia

To be able to request sick leave due to Covid in Andalusia, you must download the Salud Responde application, available in the iOS and Android stores, on your mobile and register there.

The Health Responde application questionnaire for notification of positive cases incorporates the question of whether the person should process their sick leave, in case they cannot work remotely, information that their health center will use to manage the illness. sick leave for administrative segregation.

If so, the data is recorded and the process begins once the information is received at the primary care center from each user.

The user is notified of this withdrawal via the mobile phone that he has registered in the system and can also be consulted on the SAS Clicsalud + website, thus avoiding making an appointment for said procedure and eliminating trips to the health center.

In addition to facilitating these administrative procedures for the user and avoiding having to travel to the health center, the application informs the user that he must stay in his current residence, maintain the measures of usual prevention and inform relatives.

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